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I am Marcelo Alvim, known as Marvim Click, with over 10 years in the Digital Marketing market helping companies and businesses from different niches and segments.

These last 3 years have been incredible and my work has a lot to do with it!

We are a family owned and operated business.

8 years ago when I decided to move in again with my father due to the health problems he was going through, I assume that going back to the north area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, where there is not the glamor of the wonderful city but rather few opportunities and a lot of violence, I was saddened, and so a few months later I proposed to live in Recreio, which was a beach place where I lived before the decision, a true natural paradise with a lot of fauna and flora!

Anyway we went, it was a break and as he depended on several cares, I gave up going out, parties, but there I was focused and obstinate, I felt a lot of faith and I was very happy even though I knew I needed to take care of the food, bathe, cut my nails, trim mustache (note he was vain and especially with the mustache), I would do this for him for all eternity and God knows how much I miss him and how much he did for me, we attract what we want, at that moment I wanted to take care of him and find some way to reinvent myself and give pride to those who loved me so much.

At the time I decided to get close to meet Jesus and know if he really gave strength as they said, I went to church every week to get the word out, and it was praying and fasting that I believe it made all the difference, I realized God using people, unusual situations and deserts in the my life so that I could wake up, I saw signs with faith, and I started to depend more on God, they were difficult times; that I confess scared me a lot, but I looked at them with supernatural strength and a lot of love.

I was already using the internet to stand out and undertake, at the time I decided to dedicate myself to photography and model management in 2013 for being a professional model and loving clicks, there appearing "Marvim Click Models", and with some tricks I was learning at Internet, such as making a website and positioning it on Google for searches, I took my CNPJ and started getting results, I got students for my model course, I managed to sell photo books, and the most interesting thing was that I got clients from big brands to hire my models, I have this on my Facebook page of Marvim Click that was posted on the feed at the time.

As Bartander was also a Senac graduate and had already worked at weddings and 15-year parties as a contractor for the bar, I thought! I will create a website and also appear in searches for keywords that make sense and once again a business came up which was "Tem Tudo Eventos" thanks to the internet and Digital Marketing providing job opportunities for other professionals while it existed, in my Personal Facebook even have recommendations for satisfaction with the services provided.

And the cool thing is that through the ads for Openbar and Photography in which I guaranteed to run at Tem Tudo Eventos, I also outsourced several other services where I left pages ready on the site as if I had the service, I earned good commissions for getting clients so I could negotiate more safely!

I sold footage, photographs, drinks openbar, varied buffets, Barbecue, Japanese food, receptionists, Decorations, among other types of services through the website on Google.
After all by the name Tem Tudo Eventos you imagine how many ideas I left illustrated on the site to induce the purchase of services, although the work was tiring to do!

Advertising on Google gave me this power to sell something from others in any segment or niche and to be able to negotiate commissions for having clients!

This was all the more potent at the time, because I invested in paid advertising on Google and Social Media at a time when almost nobody used ads.

Today we see many sponsors and many promises on the internet, but be careful because most of them are misleading and full of mental triggers to take advantage of your needs, difficulties or anxiety to evolve fast, the truth is that without mastering Digital Marketing you will hardly have results over the internet and the best way to learn is in practice.

At that time, I understood that I didn't need to be a slave to post every day, I just had to advertise sponsored that it would reach hundreds of thousands of people quickly and it would be a great investment, because our time is much more valuable than money and we cannot reverse that order and become a slave to work, but I also bet on organic means to find customers on social networks and mainly on Google through SEO which will be one of my focuses in the course!

I ended up falling in love with this art that is Digital Marketing and specializing in Content Generation, Copywriting, Inbound Marketing techniques, ad programming, Marketing automation and other techniques.

This art is extremely mental and highly profitable for the creative and dedicated.


That is why I decided to shut down both businesses (Marvim Click Models and Tem Tudo Eventos) and their respective websites, to dedicate myself fully to the profession in which I dedicate myself today and for all this I feel in the mission of teaching Digital Marketing that has become so much target of collective attention and in fact I do not see the future without this knowledge.

There I realized that the name Marvim Click started in photography, had everything to do with my professional path through digital clicks, websites, links, sales!

I kept the name that fit my moment and my faith-based intuition!

I kept investing in ads when I realized that my articles ranked well on the blog and on YouTube videos, greatly increasing my organic and free visibility, when I chose to decrease investments in sponsored ads on social networks, but I kept on Google that was always my priority and it should be yours too!

We are a family owned and operated business.

I started having results from referrals from satisfied customers, reducing ad spending, maintaining good results and without having to be a slave to my social networks.

I felt that a lot of my strength was in giving my father pride and in fact God was inspiring me to side with him, because he knew his time was short and ended up being called by God, so I had a deep depression, but as the word of the lord says; God is judge of widows and father of orphans!

He had already prepared my livelihood was when I lost the ground and he supported me☹

It was a very difficult moment for me, where I sincerely still suffer a lot from your lack, but I felt signs of Jesus through the Spirit of God saying to me: Your father is well! Get up son, I have plans for you, you know the Internet? It will be very important for the world and learning this new form of communication will make a difference in people's lives, there will be a lot of people using it in a bad way, just like everything in life there is good and evil and we do the same. choices, we reap what we sow!

We are a family owned and operated business.

I believe that most of the time the internet takes learning and development opportunities for people who often did not have the means to search for biodiversity knowledge and therefore do not depend on concepts or plastered information, sometimes outdated and many other malicious ones with the intention of manipulating them. I believe today is no longer news to anyone, only not!

We are a family owned and operated business.

On the Internet we can seek information from the most different sources and specialties, providing a totally different mindset, bio diverse and at the same time unique, stop being good at one thing and start learning something new every day. We can see this in several cases over the Internet where the authentic and disruptive way of communicating is the most successful.

Only after 1 year and 1 month of my father's departure I was able to change where we lived and you can believe that I didn't feel right there at the time!
That was when in December of the following year, exactly 4 years later, I made R $ 9,000 with new contracts and an income projection for a few months. It was a relief and I know it was God's help for all those years of dedication, sacrifice, joy, suffering, love and faith!

We are a family owned and operated business.

Not that money is everything, but for those who are struggling to improve their own lives and those of those they love, having positive responses and results is what we need to continue our work and although I already had increasing results in that period, having a result above the average was like the real miracle, I felt God and I felt my father with me!

We are a family owned and operated business.

See that I'm talking about a very different amount than promised on the internet, but I'm sure it would make many of you happy, even more from a promising and honest job that can be done from anywhere, where it helped other people to prosper their business and support their families.

The internet can certainly generate much more; but this is usually gradual and the result of knowledge, investment and a lot of work in practice.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Something didn't let me sleep, nor tired, everything depended exclusively on me, because God was already doing his part and I saw what I had to do and needed to work to accomplish.

I paid bills, moved to another apartment in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, closer to the beach that I love so much and decided to invest in an app, that same app for Instagram and paid dearly for it, but I chose to invest!

It was great and helped me a lot; as well as helping other entrepreneurs from various segments and locations in Brazil to leverage their sales through Instagram, for 2 years I made a lot of money from it, but due to a change in the Instagram API it ended up not being so useful anymore. I had unforeseen! But the basis of everything I did was Digital Marketing and I had diversified my business, where the main pillar was Digital Marketing management and consulting for companies and entrepreneurs.

After 7 months in this new place of residence, I moved again only this time to Barra da Tijuca, where it has always been my dream to live, I would like my father to participate with me in this moment but I know that he is well and happy for me, like this how do i know that he has a fundamental participation in everything in my life
together with my mother who, even apart from my father, always supported me and helped in what she can.

I have her and my son close, supporting me with my work, thank God!

I felt alive and happy with God, even though my father was temporarily missing, I went back to playing sports and enjoying the life that God had given me, as the Lord says, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!

We are a family owned and operated business.

I changed the mood from suffering and sacrifice to that of joy and prosperity, renewed friendships, went back to taking care of myself and seeing God's hand in everything.

Every suffering has a purpose, even more when there is love, faith and honesty involved, certainly the deserts pass and we find in them some learnings.

These last 3 years I made money working from home or wherever I wanted, I was able to organize my schedule in my own way and I felt extremely useful to many people and companies, where I helped them to format their business in digital and sell.

I realized that a new advertising format with digital influencers based on Digital Marketing was also growing and I developed Contrate Influencer which aims to train new influencers, insert them in the market, create and manage B2B advertising campaigns (for companies) & B2C (for influencers) using Influency Marketing and Digital Marketing.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In the last few years, I have had the opportunity to encourage several artists with independent projects and see many of them achieve notoriety with their art on the Internet.

I improved my knowledge in digital music platforms like Spotify and Youtube, I developed several strategies for the segment on Instagram, Facebook and Google.

Due to this epidemic plague that we are going through, I decided to focus on the mission I received, I want more, I want to share my knowledge and not only execute them, because I will be able to help many more people achieve their goals if they spread more and more techniques.

We are a family owned and operated business.

That is why I decided to create the "Online Business in 24 hours", accelerating the creation of new online businesses, which can represent physical businesses or be 100% digital and provide the training of new entrepreneurs with Digital Marketing.

We are a family owned and operated business.

I created 3 tailored modules for everyone to learn how to create online businesses from scratch!

Online business in 24 hours: Teaching for You, Doing with You and Doing for You!

We are a family owned and operated business.

"Teaching for you", is ideal for learning how to create any online business from scratch, where you will individually receive all video content recorded from step by step from the website to the sales of creating an online business that you can replicate in any another, ask questions immediately and have support for everything you learned for a year on direct channel.

"I do it with you", it was made for those who want to create their own business, with me online from scratch, quickly and with greater support, where we will take together individual video lessons online and recorded step by step from the website to the sales of your business , you can replicate the learning in any other, get your questions answered right away and have special support for one year of learning.

"I do it for you", perfect for those who want more comfort, agility, security and precision in the management of Digital Marketing, leaving it to me from the website to sales, being able to choose to participate in the live construction online or just receive the recordings with the video lessons of everything step by step and being treated like a vip.

We are a family owned and operated business.


We are a family owned and operated business.

Website development (Make website from scratch in a few hours, connect domain,   do free corporate email , index website on Google for your brand name, business registration on Google maps , Sitemap, Webmaster Tools, SEO Optimization the site and pages in the search for the product or service offered, Ads Google Ads with the Search Network, Display Network and YouTube Instream or Discovery, Google Analytcs, Facebook Ads and Instagram ADS pixels configuration, remarketing, funnel application sales and automation.

Content management with Inbound Marketing , Copywriting , Email Marketing , Whatsapp Marketing and management tools in strategic applications for Digital Marketing management . Expertise in image editing , digital arts , animated videos , online video lessons , tutorial videos with titles optimized for searches on Youtube and Google for free.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Learn how to do, Ecommerces, deliverys platforms, successful Blogs, sites for any business easily with forms of resources, the members area, Online Scheduling, CRM Contact and Customer Management, Integration with Instagram store to mark priced products, driven with the most current techniques Digital marketing.

We are a family owned and operated business.

As a bonus, I will teach you a trick on how to make apps in a simple way, with several features and put it in the Play Store and Aple Store app stores for your business or sell to companies, and teach + 3 mallets that nobody count !

Ideal for those who want to attract new customers to any business , or sell any product with ease and even if you don't have a business or product , you can open your Digital Marketing company and sell services for various entrepreneurs and businesses , earning very well working from home or anywhere you want!

Experience hundreds of businesses launched successfully on the Internet, where we maintain relations for long dates with our customers overcoming challenges and constant updates of the techniques applied in accordance with technological advances.

We are a family owned and operated business.

After the purchase you will receive an email with a link to schedule the 1st online lesson through the ZOOM application that needs to be downloaded on your cell phone and on the day of the class it must be equipped with a computer and smartphone connected to the internet .

We are a family owned and operated business.

At the end you will have the recording of the entire class step by step on how to set up a business from scratch to ensure learning even without understanding everything on the spot or even without watching it live.

We are a family owned and operated business.

I'll literally share all my knowledge step by step with you!


Straight to the point


For any business


Delivering gold


Nobody counts

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